About Us

Desert States Physical Therapy Network, Ltd. is an association of physical therapist owned facilities located throughout the state of New Mexico. Our mission is to preserve the public’s choice of high quality, readily available, cost effective private practice physical and occupational therapy services. Member facilities are locally owned and operated by therapists who are self-employed. We believe local ownership ensures high accountability and community involvement. Members are not permitted to be involved in referral-for-profit arrangements with other health care providers.

We are convinced therapists perform best and the patient is best served when the therapist is independent of the referral source. Participating clinics meet stringent criteria for membership and are subject to utilization review to ensure high standards are maintained.

Treatment philosophy

  1. To restore normal function or to enhance an individual’s capacity to adapt to permanent impairment or loss.
  2. To teach and promote prevention of injury or re-injury.
  3. To provide support, advice and encouragement to the patient and the patient’s family.
  4. To work closely with the professional community, as well as the community in which we live, to enhance patient care and ensure access to available facilities and establishing programs.
  5. To provide an atmosphere where continuing education is recognized as a lifelong process that will enhance the quality of practice and ensure continued competence in rehabilitation services and in the delivery of health care.
  6. To provide, through the practice of specific skills, health care which is compatible with the changing needs of the community we serve.

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